RetroTINK Ultimate Back In Stock

After some inventory issues, the most versatile Raspberry Pi “hat” is now back in stock and ships within two weeks: The RetroTINK ultimate is a device that outputs RGB, VGA, Component Video, S-Video and Composite, all from a Raspberry Pi.  When combined with the right software, this can make the perfect emulation device for people […]


RaspberryPi Touchscreen Switch Controller

Matthew Holder has just created a python program for a RaspberryPi that allows you to control A/V devices like an Extron Crosspoint and even a Sony BVM!!!: This software utilizes the SmartPi Touch, for a full touchscreen control interface!  You’ll need to make custom USB-to-RS485 adapters and setup seems a bit complicated, but if you have […]


PS Vita Video-Out via Raspberry Pi

xCorra posted a video of a successful video-out solution for the PlayStation Vita via a Raspberry Pi. Most games work, and they are working on a Wifi streaming option for the titles that aren’t supported. Of course, the PSTV is an out-of-the-box solution for Vita HDMI video capture… “Hello, so this is my 2nd update […]