3DORGB Project Now Open Source

Dan aka citrus3000psi has just open-sourced his 3DORGB project and announced he’ll no longer be selling them.  I had this installed in my 3DO last year and was absolutely thrilled with its performance:  You get both a high-quality RGB output and the ability to switch the video modes between 240p and 480i: Hopefully someone will […]


Weekly Roundup #204

Here’s this week’s roundup!  An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download: Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:  Please consider signing up as a supporter!  Either hit Join, tip or pledge on this video, or sign up through the following services:  /   The compressed air […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

ZX Spectrum Component Video

c0pperdragon the designer of the component mod for the Commodore 64 (C64) now has a sister project designed for the ZX (Zed EX) Spectrum family of British micro computers.  This mod will replace and take the space of the existing RF Modulator port socket without having to make any cuts to the computer’s case.  Utilizing […]


Street Fighter III Scene Documentary: Jazzy NYC ’19

Phil Nolan has released an excellent documentary covering the modern Street Fighter III: Third Strike arcade scene and fighting tournament organizers Jazzy Circuit. Jazzy NYC ’19 captures the excitement of live matches and guides viewers through the state of the scene from New York City to Japan. It’s a really great watch and will warm […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Retro Fighters Dreamcast Controller Update

Retro Fighters the company behind the StrikerDC a 3rd party made SEGA Dreamcast controller.  Have received their first run of production units from the factory and will be shipping to the Kickstarter backers and website pre-orders promptly.  Updates and invoices have gone out via email and customers should expect their deliveries to arrive soon.   […]


Building a MiniMVS

Over the past year, I’ve been converting a CRT-based Neo Geo emulation arcade machine into a real Neo Geo, using an official motherboard and upgrading pretty much everything about it.  This video is more of a fun overview and less of an instructional, but I hope you enjoy it! Also, if you have any idea how […]