SCART to Display

SCART to Display

Almost all the RGB cables you’ll use with your consoles have a SCART connector.  You’ll need special cables to connect SCART to the connector your RGB display or scaler accepts.  Also, if you ever plan on having more than one system hooked up to your RGB display, you’ll definitely want a SCART switch (as described in the next section), but make sure to read this section first.  Here’s the adapters needed for the most common scenarios:


RGB Monitor via BNC connectors:

The most common RGB monitors accept RGB via BNC connectors.  If you have a SCART switch with a female output port (switches are explained in the next section), you should get cable with a male SCART end.  This is the most common and recommended choice (bonus:  It’s switchable between input and output):  Male SCART to BNC adapter

If you’re only hooking one system into the monitor, or have a SCART switch with a cabled output, you’ll want a female SCART end, so the cable from your system or switch can plug directly into it:  Female SCART to BNC adapter 

In the rare occasion that your monitor or switch only accepts csync, you’ll need a cable with a sync stripper built in.  Unless you absolutely need one, get the above cable without a sync stripper instead:  Female SCART to BNC adapter with sync stripper

There’s an eBay seller who also makes these cables and can customize for your switch if needed:

Personally, I’d recommend getting one of the the direct SCART to BNC cables with audio-out built in listed above.  I wanted to mention the other solution, in case you needed them to accomplish something different (although I’m not sure what), but it’s much easier to just buy the right cable to begin with.



The XRGB Mini accepts RGB via a custom connector.  The easiest and cheapest way to use SCART is by buying an adapter:

SCART to XRGB Mini adapter  /  SCART to XRGB Mini adapter with built-in sync stripper  (UK Seller)

SCART to XRGB Mini adapter  /  Male w/ built-in sync stripper  /  Female w/ built-in sync stripper  (US Seller)


RGB Monitor via 25-pin connectors:

Some RGB monitors only accept RGB via a 25-pin connector.  You can get a SCART adapter for those as well:

SCART to DB25 adapter



All other monitor, upscaler or converter methods will have similar cable solutions to the ones I described above, or just accept SCART directly.  Basically, if your solution doesn’t have SCART or BNC inputs, I suggest googleing to see if anyone else has successfully used retro consoles through that display.

If you’re here as part of the RGB guide, please move along to the next section: SCART Switches

If not, head over to the section that shows you how to get RGB from each game system!  That section also has info on audio enhancements, which versions of each system output the best quality, plus some other awesome info!