Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC)

The OSSC is a zero lag upscaler.  At the moment, it is by far the best way to play your analog consoles via HDMI, offering tons of options, 2x 480p (960p) and up to 5x 240p (1080p!).  It’s only shortcoming is it’s not compatible with all TV’s in every mode.  Overall, it’s still my favorite choice and what I recommend to all serious retro-gamers!

Inputs = SCART, Component and VGA.

Input Resolutions = 240p, 480i and 480p are supported across all inputs.

Supported Signals = All inputs support RGBs, YPbPr and RGsB.  VGA also supports RGBHV.


More info coming soon!  For now, please refer to the following pages:

Link to purchase:


Outdated review (it’s even more awesome now):