Cleaning / Repair

Cleaning / Repair

This section contains pages that describe how to clean or repair your retro game equipment.


Modding Tools

This page describes the basic tools you’ll need to perform the mods on this site.


Cleaning Cartridges

How to clean “unfixable” cartridge-based games.


Cleaning Consoles

An easy method to clean video game controllers and consoles.

Controller Repair

This page has a few tips on how to clean game controllers.


There’s one point I’d like to re-iterate: Many people tell me that my cartridge cleaning page is wrong and I shouldn’t recommend using metal cleaner on cartridge contacts. While yes, it’s true that every time you use metal cleaner / polish, it takes away some of the metal layers of the pins, in many cases, it’s the only way to resurrect a dead cartridge. If your cartridges only give you trouble occasionally, alcohol and a Q-tip should be fine…but if you have a filthy, rusty, non-working game, then the above guide is perfect. I had a very dirty collection and used that method on every single cartridge I owned and they now look (and work) flawless. In the rare occasion that they get dirty, I just use alcohol and they’re perfect again.  As long as you only use the metal cleaner method once, your games will be fine.


Please feel free to check out the other pages on this site, as there’s tons more retro-awesomeness to share!  Also, if you haven’t read the RGB guide, I strongly recommend it to everyone who has even a small interest in retro gaming.