Vextreme: An Open-Source Vectrex Flash Cart

Rattboi and Technobly have designed a new open-source Vectrex Flash Cart called the Vextreme, based on Spritesmod’s Vectrex Extreme flash cart, which was generously open-sourced by Spritesmod (GPL3). The PCB design was largely based on pictures posted at Spritesmod, but with a retooled firmware and boot ROM that are easier to build. The cart has […]


Open-Source GDEMU Menu

Like it or not, GDEMU’s can now be found everywhere, at a cheap price.  The current version of the firmware and menu are (in my opinion) excellent, with only a few flaws.  Unfortunately, Neuroacid, the creator of the original GDEMU GUI hasn’t posted in a long time or released the source code, leaving the community […]