Retron 5

The Retron 5 is an emulation console based off Retroarch that uses original consoles and controllers.  Some systems suffer from a lot of lag, but others are bearable.  The Retrofreak might be a better option, as its essentially the same thing, but allows for direct playing of roms from an SD card.


Retron 5 Review



Full Teardown


RetroN Labo Firmware

It seems RetroN Labo is no longer signing custom firmware.  I’ll leave this page up as reference, but please consider it obsolete.








When the Retron 5 was first released, I thought it was a neat toy…but I’m not sure I’d recommend it anymore.  Most hardcore retro-gamers most likely won’t like it, as some of the systems have a bit too much lag and it’s not an exact re-creation of the original console (unlike an RGB-modded system with an XRGB Mini).  If you’re looking to play a casual cartridge game, the Retrofreak might be a better option.


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