ipega PG-9017

I bought the ipega controller hoping it would be the next-best mobile bluetooth controller.  Sadly, it’s just another cheap imitation.

Other than looking like a Gametel-clone, the three things that immediately drew me to the ipega controller were the D-pad, the analog sticks and the shape.

I’ll start with the good: 

– The D-pad is awesome.  As much as I love the Gametel, the circular D-pad just doesn’t always feel right to me.  This is a regular plus-style D-pad that feels exactly the way it should.

– The clip that holds the phone is just as solid as the Gametel’s.  Not once did I feel like my phone would fall out when playing.

– Setup was really easy:  Just turn it off, then turn it back on while holding the A, B, X, or Y buttons to select modes.

Now, onto the bad:  Pretty much everything else.

– The Start and Select buttons do nothing in iCade mode.  Literally, they’re not map-able at all.  That means you’ll have to sacrifice one of the other buttons to get Start or Select.  Who’s dumb idea was this!?!?

– There was a noticeable button lag:  I always notice a lag with all mobile controllers, however it’s so minor, most other people wouldn’t.  That being said, anyone would notice the lag on this controller!

– The shape of the controller made it look bigger and easier to hold, but it was pretty much the exact same size as the Gametel and didn’t feel any different:

– When clipped into the controller, your phone sits at an angle.  This is 100% preference, but I prefer it flat:


To make matters worse, I emailed ipega about the issues I had and they never responded.  I sent a second email to every email address listed on their website, saying I was reviewing the controller for my website and wanted to give them a chance to tell their side of the story…and they still didn’t respond. 

As a result, I have to recommend that NO ONE buy this controller.  Sure, the D-pad is nice, but everything else about it is either terrible, or the exact same as the Gametel.  It’s much better to get that instead. 

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