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Columbus Circle Announces PCE “HDMI” Board; Jailbars Incoming

Japanese company Columbus Circle has announced a plug-and-play device for the PC Engine called the “HD for PCE HDMI Booster”.  This device will output RGB via a Genesis 2 connector and will also include what looks like a cheap analog-to-digital HDMI adapter.  Release is scheduled for August at 3,500 yen (approx $35):  https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1185644.html I’m always extremely skeptical of […]


play date System Announced

Panic Inc. a company who has (for many years) been known for making Mac applications and in the past few years has started helping publish indie titles such as Fire Watch and the Untitled Goose Game is now making a handheld called The Playdate. The playdate is a monochrome screened simplified handheld that will be […]