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Rany Battikh

Virtual Boy Collectors Game Cases

Custom Game Cases just launched a GoFundMe campaign to support their up and coming Virtual Boy clam-shell plastic cases. While most retro cartridges got the “custom case” treatment throughout the years, systems like the Vitual Boy get often pushed aside. With the fragile nature of cardboard cases (for all Nintendo systems up until the Game […]


SD2SNES Pro Available for Sale

Krikzz has just posted the SD2SNES Pro for sale on his website!  Price is $197 and they’re in stock:  https://krikzz.com/store/home/54-sd2snes-pro.html Stone Age Gamer also posted an update, saying they’ll have a limited stock soon:  https://stoneagegamer.com/blog/about-the-sd2snes-pro/ If the new features aren’t something you’d use, Stone Age Gamer is selling the non-pro version here at a discount.  Personally, I’m really excited […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

DreamShell Loader 0.7.X Beta & Dreamcast IDE Mod

PC Wzrd13 from the Dreamcastic Channel just posted news about an update on the DreamShell Loader (version 0.7.X Beta) which can be used for the Dreamcast in conjunction with the IDE mod.  This is a mod that replaces the GDROM drive for an IDE setup that could allow a user to boot from a Hard […]


Racketboy’s MiSTer Omnibus Article

Racketboy contacted several people involved with MiSTer asked them to contribute to an in-depth article he wrote about the MiSTer FPGA Multi-Platform Console. It’s very well done and offers exciting views of what lies ahead, the state of things now, and it also works as a great introduction to FPGA-based hardware emulation in contrast to […]