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Dreamcast 240p Test Suite Updated to v1.24

Artemio has just posted an update to the Dreamcast version of the 240p test suite.  New features include: Aesthetic details for GDEMU Fixed Diagonal test help Changed Vertical Scrolling background to 320 instead of 256 The 240p Test Suite is a free, open-source tool that (in my opinion) should be in everyone’s ‘retro toolkit’!  It includes test […]


Jenovi’s Unreleased Atari Jaguar Games

Jenovi just posted a video showcasing unreleased Atari Jaguar games.  The video is mostly what we’ve come to expect from these insightful glimpses into ‘what could have been’, but this time Jenovi included some really interesting info about that consoles sales that correlated directly to why many of these games never made it.  I never really […]


HDMyCube Open-Source GCVideo Board

HDMyCube has just announced their version of Dan’s open source GCPlug, with a PCB designed around Insurrection Industries’ high-quality GC Digital Port Connector.  Greg Collins will apparently be donating a 3D Printed design for it as well, making it the perfect DIY GCVideo solution!:  https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/DD8oq6Rq While GCVideo solutions are now easier than ever to create, I suggest […]


RetroTINK2x + Magewell XI400DE-HDMI = fast 240p/480i Switching

Dark Aries has just discovered the combination of a Magewell XI400DE-HDMI capture card and a RetroTINK2X is currently the fastest way to switch between 240p and 480i resolutions.  At over $900 for the Magewell card, this solution is clearly geared towards professional Twitch streamers, however data like this is extremely important to archive;  These capture cards […]


HAS Official Pre-Order Page Open

Mike, the creator of the HAS has just opened an official pre-order page on his website:  https://homearcadesystem.wordpress.com/pre-order/ Adding your name to the list requires no payment, it just “officially” puts you in line to purchase one.  Once your number is up on the list, you’ll be notified to purchase.  Serious submissions only though please, as many people […]