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How Does The 32xCD Work?

MatteusBeus has just released a short, but informative video demonstrating how the 32xCD works.  For those unfamiliar, 32xCD games require you to own a Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega CD and a 32x.  Just to play a handful of mostly mediocre-to-terrible FMV games. Still, its an interesting part of video game history and I’m always happy to […]


Jasen’s Customs CPS3 metal enclosure pre-order (Final Run)

Jasen Hicks is opening up one last pre-order for his CPS3 metal enclosure! After a successful last run of his CPS2 enclosure, Jasen’s back at it one last time for CPS3 owners. Priced at $149.95 and $20.00 world-wide shipping costs. (More images available below) Again, JasensCustoms.com isn’t reopening but has opened up a pre-order for the […]


Weekly Roundup #270

Here’s this week’s roundup, available as a video, as well as audio-only on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and many others as well as direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly support services, tips, or even just by using our affiliate links to purchase things you were already going to […]


Alwa’s Awakening NES Pre-Orders Now Open

Eldin PIxels, the team behind the NES-style game ‘Alwa’s Awakening’ has just completed porting the game to run on original NES hardware!  Pre-orders will be open from now until October 17th and there will be two versions:  A collectors edition released with a functional NES cartridge manufactured by RetroBit, as well as a digital-only release […]


VESA Mountable 9.7″ LCD Case

Greg from LaserBear has just started selling a VESA-mount version of the “LCD CRT” case.  It features both 100×100 and 75×75 mounting holes, making it compatible with a ton of mounting options, including both desk stands and wall mount’s with swivel options; Perfect for TATE mode!  More info below: Purchase yours here for $50 + Shipping:  https://laserbear.net/shop/ols/products/vesa-mountable-97-lcd-case/v/VS-MNT-9-7-BLC […]


DF Retro: The F-Zero Saga Revisited

John Linneman & Audi Sorlie from Digital Foundry has just posted another excellent documentary about the Super Nintendo launch title F-Zero.  As with typical DF Retro videos, you get a glimpse into the history of the game, it’s technical achievements and how the series progressed. Support Digital Foundry here:  https://www.patreon.com/digitalfoundry/ Unlock all tracks in the original […]


Wonderswan Battery Pack 2nd Pre-Order

Kevin Mellott has just opened another round of pre-orders on a rechargeable battery pack for the Wonderswan handheld console.  The orders from the first batch are shipping now through the end of the year and these are planned to be shipped starting early next year. Pre-order yours here for $75:  https://www.retroonyx.com/product-page/wonderswan-battery-pack This battery pack was designed […]