JagSD’s native Jaguar CD support demonstrated in new video, without requiring the Jaguar CD attachment

Lawrence Staveley posted a video of Saint’s upcoming JagSD flash cart booting Primal Rage CD. Saint had already revealed that, in addition to supporting all Jaguar ROMs, JagSD will also emulate all functions of the Jaguar CD attachment. So, Jaguar owners will be able to enjoy Jaguar CD games without needing the expensive and now […]


Atari Jaguar Pro Controllers – New Production Update

Update 09-27-2018: “Finally have shipping date from assembly plant. They will ship on October-22-2018 to me. So about a month to go.“ An update was just posted (09-24-2018) to the Atari Jaguar Pro Controller project: “This project has taken a lot longer than I could believe it could unfortunately due to persistent delays. Just when […]