MiSTer FX68K Cycle-Accurate Motorola 68000 Core Source Released

Ijor released the source code for FX68K a cycle-accurate Motorola 68000 soft-core (soft cores are components, rather than whole platforms) that was first hinted at in the release of his Atari ST core FXCAST. The 68000 was a common processor used in a wide range of consoles, home PCs, and arcade games. Having a perfect […]


Atari Jaguar Repro Pro Controllers Now Available For Pre-Order

The Atari Jaguar 6-button “pro” controllers are finally open for pre-order and must be ordered in pairs: The project started about a year ago, with the goal in mind to create the highest-quality reproduction controllers.  Great efforts have been made so that the outside is equal in quality to the original, official Atari controllers, with […]


Two New Jaguar Games Available For Pre-Order

Pre-ordered for two new Atari Jaguar games have just opened on Atariage: I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that these games most likely use the Motorola 68000 processor built into the Jaguar and not the main Tom & Jerry chips, resulting in a more 16-bit look.  Still, it’s fun to see […]


Atari Jaguar Pro Controllers – New Production Update

Update 09-27-2018: “Finally have shipping date from assembly plant. They will ship on October-22-2018 to me. So about a month to go.“ An update was just posted (09-24-2018) to the Atari Jaguar Pro Controller project: “This project has taken a lot longer than I could believe it could unfortunately due to persistent delays. Just when […]