Super Nintendo Cartridge Insert and Dust Cover

For ages, region specific imports have been in existence; however, I’ve never bothered with obtaining them because of the language barrier. Thanks to the super stacker that’s no longer an issue. Problem solved, right? Nope, this brings up another issue — dealing with the cartridge slot. The cartridge slot for the Super Famicom and the Super […]


PS Vita Owned: Final Crypto Layer Defeated

Many exploits have graced the PS Vita, allowing user to boot homebrew, emulators, Adrenaline (opening the Vita’s built-in PS1 & PSP functionality), and the like. But now Yifan Lu, the famous Vita scene hacker, has now completely and permanently defeated any remaining protections that Sony had in place by extracting the physically stored hardware keyslots […]

db Himself

Sega Saturn Internal Memory Mod with FRAM – no battery required

I was burned too many times when I power up my Sega Saturn to notice that my CR2032 had died. The CR2032 on the Sega Saturn is responsible for maintaining power to the internal battery-backed SRAM (i.e. your internal saves) and maintaining the system’s RTCC (real-time clock and calendar). When the battery dies, which seems […]