100 Darksoft Neo Geo AES Multi Carts Pre-Orders Coming Soon

UPDATE:  Pre-orders now open:  https://www.retrorgb.com/darksoft-multiaes-pre-orders-now-open.html Darksoft announced that a batch of 100 of their much anticipated Neo Geo AES multi-carts will be available for pre-order soon. The AES Multi will have all the features of their MVS kit, with ultra-fast loading and all of the bells and whistles. The Darksoft MVS & AES carts will be […]

Darksoft Neo Geo AES Multi Enters Testing Phase

The much anticipated Darksoft Neo Geo AES Multi flash-cart is in the testing phase. It will offer many of the same features of the MVS Multi: ultra fast game loading, multi-slot functionality (transforming the AES into a multi-slot AES/MVS hybrid), graphic or text-based menu, etc. And it will have a new molded cartridge shell. A […]

Darksoft’s CPS1 multi announced!

Darksoft, in collaboration with Apocalypse (who is also currently working on other mutlis) have recently announced that they will be developing and releasing a multi kit for Capcom’s CPS1. It all started with an interest check thread on arcade-projects.com in late 2017 that has now turned into a quasi pre-order list. A CPS1 multi surfaced […]

Hypernoid for Neo Geo CD is now available to purchase

If you are a fan of Arkanoid, Breakout and other block breaking games, NeoHomeBrew now has his fantastic Hypernoid available to purchase on the Neo Geo CD via his shop: https://nhb-shop.com   From the shop: The Hypernoid game disc is playable on all Neo Geo CD consoles (Front-Loader Top-Loader and CDZ systems). The game is […]

Weekly Roundup #289

Here’s this week’s roundup, sponsored by JLCPCB! Spend only $2 for 5pcs 1-4 layer PCBs ; PCBA from $0:  https://jlcpcb.com/DRE The Roundup is available as a video and on all audio-only podcast services, such as iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly […]