Darksoft MVS Multi-Cart ‘Final’ Batch?

Darksoft has just announced some updates on his Neo Geo multi-cart project.  First, it looks like no more AES versions will be made at all.  Next, he’s considering making one last round of MVS multi’s, but needs to sell at least 75 for it to be feasible.  If you own an original Neo Geo MVS […]

Darksoft CPS-1 Multi In Stock

Multiple stores now have Darksoft’s CPS-1 multi kit back in stock and ready to ship.  These kits allow people to modify original Capcom Play System-1 arcade boards, to play all of the CPS1 and CPS1.5 games using real hardware;  Games are selected via an LCD screen and all operate like the originals.  Also, QSound CPS1.5 […]

Darksoft CPS3 Ultra Simm Multi Review

Scarlett Sprites posted a review of Darksoft’s new CPSIII Ultra Simm kit; An upgraded version of Darksoft’s original kit that has quite a few advantages over the original, including (and especially) instant switching between games!  Joe’s video above has all the info you’ll need on it with one small correction:  The Red Earth bug was […]

Darksoft CPS1 Multi Status Update

Darksoft has just posted an update regarding his upcoming multi kit for the CPS1:  A hardware board that will allow you to load up the entire CPS1 library and select a game through an LCD game selector screen (like with the CPS2 multi).  It looks like QSound has now been integrated, allowing games from the […]

Darksoft CPS3 SIMM ROM replacements

Darksoft has shown a very short work-in-progress video on the arcade-projects forums of a new Capcom CPS3 modification: https://www.arcade-projects.com/forums/index.php?thread/15229-new-cps3-simms-8-times-the-size-of-a-regular-simm/ This kit replaces the RAM SIMMs in a standard arcade CPS3 kit with flash ROMs.  This offers two distinct advantages: ROMs cannot corrupt, unlike RAM chips can. ROMs are instantly accessible, and avoid the very lengthy […]

Darksoft’s Namco System 1 Multi: Pre-Orders Open

Pre-orders are now open for Darksoft’s Namco System 1 Multi, that we previously covered a few months ago.  The price is around $375 + shipping, but you’ll also need a proper programmer (and, of course, a Namco System 1 arcade board).  It’s due to ship in late/December, early January: North American Seller:  https://highscoresave.com/darksoft-multi-namco-system-1-kit/ European Seller:  http://www.saveyourgames.it/index.php?route=product/product&path=89&product_id=174 Unlike […]

Updated CPS2 Multi from Darksoft

Darksoft has just released an updated hardware revision to his multi-game kit for the CPS-2 arcade platform.  Functionally, it’s identical to the previous kit, so there’s absolutely no point in upgrading if you’ve already Installed one. That being said, many things about this were tweaked to allow easier installation, so new installs should go a […]

Darksoft Namco System 1 Arcade Multi Announced

Darksoft has unveiled his latest arcade multi system, this time for Namco System 1, a platform with notable games like Splatterhouse, Dragon Spirit (one of my personal favorites), Dangerous Seed, Galaga ’88, Marchen Maze, Pac Mania, and more. It is priced at 320 Euros (about $360 USD), and will require a donor System 1 arcade […]