Rany Battikh

PSIO Menu System Update 2.6.6

Cybdyn Systems have just released a new firmware update for their Playstation ODE, the PSIO. The developers behind the PSIO have been, every since the official release a few years ago, constantly improving its compatibility and overall performance. While a very small percentage of the PS1’s gigantic library is still problematic, most of the games […]


New Super Nt Jailbreak brings Special Chip Support

The Analogue Mega Sg and Super Nt received official firmware updates this week, and two days later the unofficial custom “jailbreak” firmwares were updated. Both received a host of fixes and new features, perhaps the most exciting being the addition of special chips (DSP-1, DSP-2, DSP-3, DSP-4, CX4, ST010, ST011) to the Super Nt. Super […]


OSSC Firmware v0.83 Released

Markus has just posted the latest firmware for the Open Source Scan Converter and added a long list of features:  Scanline updates and fixes – Overlay pattern customization feature – Fixed non-alternating mode with line4x interlace sources – Added half-interval option for pre-linedoubled sources Adv. timing option updates – Sampling phase made mode-specific – Horizontal […]


Mega Sg Jailbreak v7.5 Released

I just posted the Analogue Mega Sg Jailbreak firmware v7.5 on Github. This release brings all of the fixes from official firmware v4.5, plus: CD BIOS replacement works now after a reboot Coleco Gradius mapper + flash memory supported. Use extension .CF0 for this game. Coleco Jungle Hunt / Learning with Leeper had stuttering scrolling. […]


New Switch Firmware

Nintendo has released version 8.0.0 firmware for the Switch, with two notable points to keep in mind: This update allows for moving (not copying) individual game save files between Switch consoles. It’s anticipated that this will break many of the pre-existing jailbreak tweaks and it’s advised you don’t update jailbroken units. This interested me for […]


New UltraHDMI Firmware v1.08 Released

Marshall has just released a new firmware for the N64 UltraHDMI kit!  Notable changes are: Both Full Range and Limited RGB output is available. New 1600×1200 mode with 5x integer scaling Direct mode updated to bypass all buffering The firmware can be downloaded here:  http://ultrahdmi.retroactive.be/installer_files/ultrahdmi_firm_108.z64  A full changelog can be found here:  http://ultrahdmi.retroactive.be/installer_files/rn_fw.pdf Please check out this […]