OSSC Firmware v0.83 Released

Markus has just posted the latest firmware for the Open Source Scan Converter and added a long list of features:  Scanline updates and fixes – Overlay pattern customization feature – Fixed non-alternating mode with line4x interlace sources – Added half-interval option for pre-linedoubled sources Adv. timing option updates – Sampling phase made mode-specific – Horizontal […]


Mega Sg Jailbreak v7.5 Released

I just posted the Analogue Mega Sg Jailbreak firmware v7.5 on Github. This release brings all of the fixes from official firmware v4.5, plus: CD BIOS replacement works now after a reboot Coleco Gradius mapper + flash memory supported. Use extension .CF0 for this game. Coleco Jungle Hunt / Learning with Leeper had stuttering scrolling. […]


New Switch Firmware

Nintendo has released version 8.0.0 firmware for the Switch, with two notable points to keep in mind: This update allows for moving (not copying) individual game save files between Switch consoles. It’s anticipated that this will break many of the pre-existing jailbreak tweaks and it’s advised you don’t update jailbroken units. This interested me for […]


New UltraHDMI Firmware v1.08 Released

Marshall has just released a new firmware for the N64 UltraHDMI kit!  Notable changes are: Both Full Range and Limited RGB output is available. New 1600×1200 mode with 5x integer scaling Direct mode updated to bypass all buffering The firmware can be downloaded here:  A full changelog can be found here: Please check out this […]