New Firmware & Menu Released for Darksoft’s MultiMVS

Darksoft has just relased a firmware update to his MultiMVS that fixes all reported bugs!  The list of changes are as follows:

  • Possibility to change Region / Console mode for original BIOS
  • Possibility to disable hot keys completely
  • Fixed FPGA Error
  • Key Combination:  1P Start + Left –> go to -1 slot less
  • Key Combination:  1P Start + Right –> go to +1 slot
  • Key Combination:  1P Start+Up –> call the menu.
  • Automatically copy the files of /updated/menu to /games/menu when doing a menu update.


We also got a new menu update as well!  Its strongly recommended that you update the firmware as well as the menu, as opposed to just the menu.

  • Screen saver now darkens screen to reduce burn-in
  • Fixed Neo Geo logo issue with unibios (requires firmware update)
  • Added mode & region settings (compatible with unibios, requires firmware update)
  • Added buttons function on game boot screen (S = menu, A = boot slot 1, etc.)
  • Added setting to disable in-game hot keys (to change slot/return to menu, requires firmware update)
  • Added hardware detection (MVS/AES) in about page
  • Fixed crazy scrolling when going from first/last game to last/first game in thumb mode

For a detailed list of all changes, as well as instructions on how to update your MultiMVS, please see the main forum:


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