Weekly Roundup #355

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00  RetroRGB hat!:

01:02  90’s VHS Nintendo vs Sega:

02:32  WiFi-Enabled NES Fighting Game:

05:19  Trying out JLCPCB’s Flex Cable Assembly Service (Sponsored Post)

07:40  Trip World GC/GBC Pre-Order:

11:04  Mega Man II MSU-1 Audio:

13:08  RGB Blaster Stone Age Gamer Edition:

15:35  CDi Zelda ported to GameBoy:

18:01  TurboNanza:
EDFX Out Of Stock:

21:49  Turbo Everdrive Pro Review:

23:00  Lu’s MiSTer Updates:

27:55  LOL @ the mic falling in front of me…

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