WiFi-Enabled NES Fighting Game Pre-Orders

Broke Studio have just opened pre-orders for a platform-fighting game, on the NES.  The game will have one pretty incredible feature:  A built-in WiFi chip and the ability to battle friends online!  This is a first and a really awesome addition.  The price came to about $78 after shipping (to the NYC area) for a complete in box version, however delivery isn’t expected for an entire year – April 2024.  Check out the launch video above, plus more info (and the pre-order) can be found here:

Local-Play Demo Rom:

There’s actually quite a lot to discuss here…and all positive!  First, the team will be open sourcing the game – This is huge.  That means not only can other NES developers learn how to make their own wifi netplay game, but people will be able to host their own servers for the game, should Broke Studio ever stop supporting it.

…and that wifi support seems pretty modern, with matchmaking and rollback netcode.  And that’s another thing worth noting:  My complaints about using emulation to play 2-player NES games online often stem from the fact that it’s impossible to be perfect, because the developers never considered the latency;  All 2-player console games of that era were meant to be played locally with zero latency between players.  But this is totally different – Broke Studio is designing the game with netplay in mind and is clearly thinking about lag.  This gives it the potential to be a great experience and I’m genuinely excited to try it out!

I think any fan of Smash-style fighting games, or new NES games should consider this one.  While it’s a year away, Broke Studio has a reputation for delivering and I think it’s a safe kickstarter to back.

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