CDi Zelda’s Adventure Ported to Game Boy

Developer John Lay has just released a port of the notorious Philips CDi game “Zelda’s Adventure” for the Game Boy.  This was accomplished with GB Studio and music by Beatscribe. The game feels very much like Link’s Awakening and also incorporates some features from both “Oracle” games.  You can try it in a browser, or download the .gb rom for use on anything that plays original Game Boy games.  Get it now before you-know-who does you-know-what with it…


I think this port is awesome for so many reasons, but most of all, it might make the game actually playable for once.  I think even hardcore CDi fans agree the Zelda games are some of the worst examples of what the “console” library has to offer…but they’re also what got it the most attention in the 90’s:  A console with a LIVE ACTION ZELDA!?!?!?  And it’s not Nintendo!?!?  I think by the time most of us actually got to experience the games, we were horrified by the terrible acting, ugly look, non-canonical storyline and unplayable controls.

…but John’s port allows us to look at the game with fresh eyes and really give it a chance.  I like the flipped storyline with Link being captured, allowing you to play as Princess Zelda instead.  I’m genuinely curious to try it out and see how it holds up.

Also, on a side note, I also like John’s idea for requesting bug reports after crashes – It’s creative and I hope other homebrew developers do the same.  Maybe just add a website or QR code or something to make it easier to find where to send the bugs:






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