MiSTer FPGA News – TMNT, Nintendo 64, Arkanoid 2, Neo Geo CD & More

Arkanoid 2

Jotego released a beta of Arkanoid 2 to Patreon subscribers.
If you have a spinner then you can use it with the core, it’s the best way to play the game.


Fujitsu FM-7

Pierco revealed that the next core he will be working on after KickAndRun will be for the Fujitsu FM-7, a Japanese computer released in 1982 which competed with the NEC PC-8801 and the Sharp X1.


Rename INI files

The latest MiSTer build added support for custom names of your MiSTer profiles. Now you have something more descriptive than alt1, alt2 and so on.


RF Adapter

MiSTerAddons posted another video on his upcoming RF adapter which is almost ready for release. There is also a poll that’s guagin the interest of the adapter. If you have a need for this adapter make sure you vote.

Juno First

Jimmy Stones showed off the first graphical output for Juno First, an early Konami shooter released in 1983.


Small update from Robet Peip, for the future N64 core. Robert posted a video of Mario 64 running on the software emulator.


Kick And Run

Pierco made some progress on graphic decoding for in-development KickAndRun core. It looks like the external SDRAM module will need to be used because the total RAM+ROM won’t fit in internal memory.


Neo Geo CD

There’s been an update to the in development Neo Geo CD core with improved compatiblity.
You can download a test RBF from the MiSTerFPGA discord or the MiSTerFPGA forums. This rbf will not require the use of an unstable build of MiSTer main, just make sure your MiSTer is fully updated.



We are getting other developers playing around with MiSTex now.
J.Segura on twitter was able to get non-MiSTex cores loading on a RISC-V development board, using a custom cape he created for the Terasic DECA board.
This is looking good for the future of MiSTex if other developers are already adapting it to their needs.


IronClad Plus PCB Updates

The latest revision of the MiniITX Ironclad Plus IO board, has recieved a couple of new features.

Composite video through the MegaDrive/Genesis 2 video port, so you can use official Sega or third party composite cables.

UNow USB ports 3 and 4 can be used to charge your wireless controllers while your Ironclad Plus MiSTer is OFF.

A new batch is available for pre-order now.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Furrtek has released an official beta core for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that also has sound. The beta can be downloaded from GitHub and installed manually, or you can use FunkyCochises’s Insert Coin script that downloads test and beta cores.


Tamagotchi Core Released

The core for the handheld Tamagotchi toys has been released. Features include savestates, high speed turbo (1,800x), and backgrounds by @bmarvo on Twitter. Just update your MiSTer to get the core.


Apple IIGS

AlanSWX gave a small update on the IIgs core. Development is going slow and will probably continue in a few months.


Williams Y-Unit & Z-Unit

Pramod has given us an update on the Williams Y & Z unit core.
The core is booting and running CPU instructions on the MiSTer, however Pramod still needs to fix some microcode instructions.


Discord Game Challenge

The next game for the discord game challenga is Tetris: The Grand Master for the Playstation. All scores must be submitted to the MiSTerFPGA discord.


Elevator Action

Anton Gale posted a screenshot of the elevator action core. The screen looks buggy but you can make out the game.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Downloader was updated to version 1.7