MSU-1 Audio for Mega Man II SNES Port

Developer Infidelity has just released a version of his NES to SNES port of Mega Man II, with an MSU-1 audio patch.  This includes the PlayStation soundtrack and it’s absolutely awesome.  While yes, one could argue the original MMII music is iconic, playing it on the SNES with no slowdown or flicker…plus a CD-quality soundtrack!?!?!?  That’s definitely worth your time!  Check out the livestream I did above for gameplay footage, plus more info below the links:

Download Here:
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I also recently did a livestream showing the differences between the original NES and SNES port.  I think this is a kinda long, but good way to get an idea of the differences.  I also compared it to the Wily Wars version at the end and ended up liking the SNES port better!  That’s totally subjective though…try it for yourself and see what you think!

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