Trip World Now Available for Pre-Order

Limited Run Games just opened pre-orders for the re-release / port of the Game Boy game Trip World.  This is an exciting release, as there’s many versions available, however the one I’m most interested in is the Game Boy Color cartridge.  The game’s original creator Yuichi Ueda created a colorized “DX” version that uses the exact color palette he originally had in mind for it in the 90’s.  I purchased one and it came to just under $50 including shipping.  Here’s all the versions available, with more info after the link:

Pre-Order Trip World:
Original Game:

So, let’s take a moment to go over each version and why they’re worth reading about.  The first is simply a licensed re-release of the original Game Boy game.  That alone is pretty cool, as originals sell for astronomical amounts on eBay.

Next is the aforementioned GBC version.  I think this is the most exciting, as you can experience it on original hardware if you’d like.  I’ll probably be dumping the rom from the cart I purchased and using it on MiSTer…but there’s many good ways to play GBC games these days – Just pick your favorite.

LRG is also selling Trip World on modern platforms like the PC, PS4, PS5 and Switch.  This is all using the Carbon Engine they recently posted a vlog about, which aims to make emulation ports both easier, as well as more accurate / less lag.  I hope people will take the time to dig deep into performance, as if it’s good, this will be a huge step forward for bringing classic games to modern platforms.  And if not…well…at least someone’s trying!

…and, of course, there’s the signature LRG “collectors editions”, filled with extras that collectors seem to love.  Check out the listings to see if the extras are worth it to you.  There’s some cool stuff in there, like the soundtrack…but all those extras are 100% subjective and up to you to decide if they’re worth it.  For me personally, I’m all about the game.  But choices are always a good thing!

If you’d like to learn more about their Carbon Engine, check out the video they recently posted:

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