Interview: Roarke’s Retro Corner

Here’s an interview with Roarke, the creator of some amazing Game Boy mods!  We’ve been lucky enough to have him contribute a guide directly to RetroRGB and now we get a behind the scenes look at his lab, case building methods and more. An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, […]


Retro gaming anime “Hi Score Girl” returns with three new episodes

The ultimate anime for retro gamers just got an additional three episodes added to season one.  If you aren’t familiar with Hi Score Girl, it’s a show that’s full of awesome retro gaming clips & references with a coming-of-age love triangle story tacked on. This article is spoiler free, so there is no danger of […]


16-bit style Indie Game “Starsceptre” is in Danger of Disappearing FOREVER

Starsceptre is a fantastic indie shmup that is in danger of getting delisted from the iOS app store due to low sales. Its developer, Richard Morgan hasn’t made enough to pay for the license fee to keep it on the app store. He has publicly asked for help, and as it’s an excellent retro style […]