Interview With Arturo aka Sabin

Here’s a “swapcast” with friend, tournament organizer and pro gamer Arturo, aka Sabin.  We streamed this live on Art’s Twitch channel and I’m also featuring it here, as we think both of our audiences would enjoy us nerding out over lag, capture and just other fun randomness.  There were some connection issues, but I think […]


Interview With Matteusbeus

Here’s an interview with Matt, aka Matteusbeus. I’ve been a fan of his videos ever since I first saw his FMV work and it was a pleasure to finally have a chat! If you’re a 32x fan, you’ll enjoy it…and if not, I think it’s still a fun nerdversation 🙂 As always, these long-form podcasts […]


Interview With Zophar

I’m excited to share an interview with the legendary Zophar, founder of the emulation-focused site Zophar’s Domain.  If you were around in the emulation scene of the 90’s, this is going to be a crazy trip down memory lane…and if you’re new to it all, it’s a fun look at the roots of the retro […]


Interview With Jammin’ Sam

Here’s an interview with Sam Miller, the musician who’s been restoring / reverse engineering Super Nintendo soundtracks.  Sam’s accomplishing this by tracking down the original samples used to create the music you hear from the original game and re-creating the soundtracks with the original samples.  This is awesome for so many reasons and I hope […]


ConsoleMods Wiki Is HERE, Featuring Derf

Here’s an interview with Derf, the founder of the wiki that’s FINALLY launching: We talk about the wiki, migrating RetroRGB guides…and most importantly, how YOU can help! As always, these weekly chat’s are available as a video (above) and everywhere audio-only podcasts are found – Just search your favorite app for “RetroRGB wiki”. Here’s […]


Interview With Rees

Here’s an interview with Rees, from the Ctrl-Alt-Rees channel.  I discovered Rees through his Jaguar video, but soon realized his love for retro PC’s, as well as other nerdy awesomeness!  I wanted to get to know him a bit more and introduce him to all of you, so what better way than a podcast!?  As […]

The Cursed Knight – A New Sega Genesis Game

Another week, another modern game for the Sega Genesis. Yes, in what has become an oddly common sight, the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive is receiving yet another new game. The Cursed Knight is a platformer / shmup hybrid whose development is already completed, but the developers are seeking funding through Kickstarter to manufacture the […]