Vanessa (Vanessaira)


The Super MIDI Pak is a specially made Super Famicom (SFC) cartridge designed to turn your Super Nintendo (SNES) into a MIDI synth.  The purpose behind the project is to allow users direct access to their SNES’s musical hardware.  For which its many different musical applications could be utilized.  RetroRGB was recently able to follow […]


MiSTer Discord Stage Event Feat Artemio, MickGyver, & Porkchop Express

The latest MiSTer Discord live event has just been posted, featuring MickGyver, Porkchop Express and host Artemio. These events are podcast-style, audio-only live discussions hosted on the main MiSTer discord, then released on YouTube and all major podcast platforms.  This one focuses quite a bit on controller latency and how we’re able to have such […]


Interview with Stefany Allaire

I recently had the opportunity to do an interview with developer Stefany Allaire, the creator of some pretty unique products like the C256 Foenix Gen X and the FPGA YM2612 replacement.  I’m really interested in her vision of a “new retro” platform and am curious to see how the project evolves!  This discussion is a […]


Interview with Martin Hejnfelt

Here’s an interview with the creator of the 129x and 68x “homebrew” input cards for Sony BVM/PVM monitors.  Anyone who’s into retro CRT monitors has probably heard Martin’s name quite a few times over the past few years and it was an absolute pleasure to interview him.  As usual, it’s a very laid back conversation […]