Project Peacock 2.0: Every Shoot ’em Up for the PC Engine Platform (CD, PCE/TG16, SGX)

I spent several weeks completely rebuilding Project Peacock from scratch, and it’s finally ready. PP is a list of every shoot ’em up, or shooter-element game for the PC Engine platform (minus active indie): PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16, SuperGrafx, PC Engine CD (all variants), and Turbo Duo. Actively sold indie games are purposefully kept off the […]


Devil Engine: Glorious New 2D Shoot ’em Up on Steam & Switch

Devil Engine by Dangen Entertainment is a beautiful new 2D Shoot ’em Up for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. It could be considered as a spiritual successor or genre-piece tribute to the Thunder Force series, at least if their marketing motto “Lightning Strikes Again” is any sign (Thunder Force/Lightening Force reference). My Life in Gaming […]


16-bit style Indie Game “Starsceptre” is in Danger of Disappearing FOREVER

Starsceptre is a fantastic indie shmup that is in danger of getting delisted from the iOS app store due to low sales. Its developer, Richard Morgan hasn’t made enough to pay for the license fee to keep it on the app store. He has publicly asked for help, and as it’s an excellent retro style […]