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Turbografx 16 Mini Review Video is Now Live on Youtube

The Turbografx-16 Mini may be delayed in the U.S. , but eager shoppers are able to snag one from overseas if they don’t mind a minor price bump for shipping, and a small wait. After placing my order, I was able to get a unit in (shipping took about 4 days before it arrived) and have been playing it for about a week now.

Although there have been many videos on the PC Engine mini, their are nowhere near as many for the Turbografx 16 mini. The machines are physically different when it comes to their case designs with a very minor difference in the software line up.

This review covers size, aesthetics, interface, emulation issues with picture quality, lag, game line up, sound tests, controller tests, and more!

If you’d like to be among the first informed, just head to the link below for a full review on the Turbografx-16 Mini.

As always, expect my unbiased opinions on this review. The mini was paid for by my own funds and all opinions are my own and not necessarily those of RetroRGB.

If you’d like to watch the unboxing video, here is the link for that as well: Unboxing the Turbografx 16 Mini

Update: Great news! The Retro-bit Wireless USB Sega Saturn game pads work after manually changing their modes. First: Press UP + Star for 3 seconds to get the dpad to work. Second: Press down + Start for 3 seconds to flip A & B so that the button orientation is correct.

Hint: You will need to do this every time that you power on your console. It is not permanent.

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