Rany Battikh

GBHD Color Consolizer by Gamebox Systems

Less than a year after announcing and releasing their first consolizer project, the VGA-based DMG-Consolizer, Gamebox Systems just revealed their second entry into their Gameboy consolization line of products: The GBHD Color Consolizer. As the name implies, the GBHD Color Consolizer aims at turning the original DMG’s successor, the Gameboy Color aka CGB, into a […]


McWill Backlit GBC Screen Kit

After years of having no good screen options, Game Boy Color fans can now rejoice!  Not only has Benn Venn announced his backlit kit, but McWill has just started selling his own as well! It looks like the screen is a 2:1 integer scale of the original GBC resolution:  2 pixels on the new display is 1 pixel […]


MiSTer gets Game Boy Color Support

Bruno AKA brNK has added Game Boy Color support to MiSTer’s Game Boy FPGA core. This is an early first release so support is hit or miss, but GBC support is under heavy development by Bruno and will be excellent when complete. Games that are supported reportedly play great. https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Gameboy_MiSTer/