HAS Supergun v4.2 In Stock

The Home Arcade System (HAS) – widely known as one of the best superguns ever made – is now back in stock.  The price is $130 plus shipping and it includes the supergun, plexi case and power supply cable.  Kick harnesses and extra accessories can be purchased separately in the store;  You’ll have to buy […]

Behar Bros Hayabusa Supergun Reviewed

I recently did a few livestreams where I tested the new Supergun from the Behar Bros called the Hayabusa.  I’d previously liked and tested their previous supergun, (the Shogun) and this performs similarly, with one difference:  Instead of DB15, it has PlayStation 1/2 controller ports.  Unfortunately, the built in controller adapter seems to have about […]

Axunworks JAMMA Supergun Mini (Full Review)

Axunworks has just released a new “supergun”, he’s calling the ‘JAMMA Supergun Mini’.  It comes with a power supply and outputs either RGB or Component Video via a dsub connector.  The price is $90 for the supergun + PSU, but after shipping to the US and cables it came to about $130 when I purchased.  Here’s […]

AxunWorks Supergun Power Supply

AxunWorks has just released a high quality enclosure that includes a MeanWell PSU and a voltage meter.  You have a choice between a green or black panel color (for the front and rear), but the outer casing is the same color.  Also, individual power adapters are sold separately for $15;  Just make sure to select […]

MiSTer JAMMA Arcade Interface (and Raspberry Pi) & New Arcade Supergun

Antonio Villena has designed a plug-and-play device for easily installing MiSTer in an arcade cabinet, which also supports Raspberry Pi when combined with πCRT. I covered some exclusive technical details of the JAMMA Interface in my latest video. Antonio also announced a new Supergun that he’s designed. It will work with arcade PCBs and is […]

The Pacifier: 3D Shell for Minigun Arcade Superguns

Matt Joly, AKA QcRetro, has released for free a 3D printed shell design for the open-source Minigun Arcade Supergun. Superguns consolize arcade game PCBs, adding controller inputs, AV output, a power supply attachment, etc, for playing real arcade games outside of cabinets. Matt plans to continue updating his 3D shell design to support future revisions […]

Neo Geo MV1B / MV1C DIY “supergun” kits

There’s now an eBay seller listing a sub-$40 do-it-yourself MVS “supergun” kits for any Neo Geo MVS board that uses the JAMMA standard (I believe mostly MV1B & MV1C).  The creator previously sold some high quality MiSTer boards and has recently moved on to other projects, including this one. While I haven’t had a chance […]