The Pacifier: 3D Shell for Minigun Arcade Superguns

Matt Joly, AKA QcRetro, has released for free a 3D printed shell design for the open-source Minigun Arcade Supergun. Superguns consolize arcade game PCBs, adding controller inputs, AV output, a power supply attachment, etc, for playing real arcade games outside of cabinets.

Matt plans to continue updating his 3D shell design to support future revisions of the Minigun, which receives a new revision every few weeks or so. Users may wish to wait for the next iteration, v1.8, which will fix the controller spacing to fit two Undamned USB decoders. Minigun v2.0 will have extensive changes to the layout, and will add nice touches like LED voltmeters. Although, Minigun v1.7 is ready to build right now and is an exceptionally nice design when encased in the Pacifier. It’s exactly what people have been hoping for: a cheap, simple, safe, RGB amped, modern way to play arcade games at home.

3D Design: