Weekly Roundup #356

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00  Welcome!

00:13  Flappy Chicken Neo Geo Homebrew:

01:40  SNES2Neo:

03:04  Rent A Hero 1 English Translation:

04:46  Remute C64 Album:

06:46  SNES Overcooked Demake:

07:43  Shadows of the Tusk Translation:

09:13  Jackpot Plays Pinball Vinyl:

10:21  8BitDo $20 wired “ultimate” controller:

12:09  Ghostbusters Special Edition:

14:17  Toshiba24AF45 Review :

16:13  Interview with 480p Dreamcast Hacker:

19:19  Lu’s MISTer Updates:

21:57  RGB Blaster Firmware Update:

24:11  EDFX In Stock:

28:24  Metroid SNES Ports Livestream:

31:09  Thanks for your support:

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