MiSTer FPGA News – Neo Geo Pocket, N64, Playstation & More

Playstation Core

The Playstation core’s framework has been updated so it now officially supports @MikeSimone3’s Y/C work. So you can now natively output to s-video and composite.

Along with the updated framework, the core also had an SPU fix.


Sega 32X

The Sega 32x core can now load and save backup data from SRAM and FRAM.
This is for games that save their data onto the carts.

srg320 also implemented many other fixes to the core.


Nintendo 64

Super Smash Bros. is running on the software emulator for the N64 FPGA core. Robert, the developer, says only a few tweaks are needed before FPGA work can begin. The emulator has fully passed an N64 system test. Robert also discusses technical details on the TLB, PAL timing, and save memory on Patreon.


Jotego Updates

Jotego will release a beta core for the Aliens game based on the Konami CPU this Friday, followed by a beta core for the Neo Geo Pocket on June 2nd. These are for Patreon subscribers only during beta, but will be released publically afterwards. Jotego also mentioned maintenance updates to current cores, including S-video support.