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Supercooked, A New 4-Player Co-op SNES Game Released


Let’s face it, despite how uber-popular the SNES is, it doesn’t receive a lot of homebrew, especially when compared to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and its older brother, the original NES. Both of  those classic consoles have received more content over the last few years than newer consoles like the Nintendo Wii U. Even PC Engine/Turbografx enthusiasts have received a slow trickle of titles over the last few years. The reason for the lack of homebrew for the SNES is that it simply isn’t easy to develop for and there aren’t any homebrew development kits out there for devs who want to dip their toe in the SNES waters.

So when a quality homebrew title gets released for the good ol’ SNES, it’s a truly special occasion, and special is exactly what developer Goldlocke has delivered with Supercooked!.

Supercooked! is a one to four-player co-op title in the same vein as Ghost Town Games Overcooked for modern consoles. As such, Supercooked! is technically a demake/clone of Overcooked for the original Super Nintendo entertainment system. If you know how to play Overcooked, then you know how to play Supercooked!.

Goldlock did a fantastic job on in all categories in Supercooked!. The graphics are bright, colorful and fantastic to the eye with great pixel art and well-animated character sprites. The music and sound effects and clear and catchy and the gameplay is fun and challenging. Four player party games are not in overabundance on the SNES and a quality title this is always welcome. I played the ROM file with a few people and experienced no slowdown or oddities during our playthrough.

Supercooked! is polished and if a widespread physical release ever happens, I’ll definitely pick up a copy. It’s right up there with New Super Mario Land in terms of quality.

The best part is that the game is 100% free and works great on original hardware, emulators, Super NT and the MiSTer. It doesn’t require any special chips, so even an older flash cart like the Super Everdrive can play it without issue.

After you’ve played Supercooked!, Goldlock also released another title called Dottie Dreads Nought, a side scrolling platformer that also has really nice sprite work and gameplay.

Dottie Dreads Nought is a short playthrough, but definitely worth checking out and is also free to download and play. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a steady quantity of quality homebrew for the SNES.


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