Interview With TapamN – 480p Dreamcast Patches Solved!

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Alex, aka TapamN – The developer who did what many people in the retro scene thought was impossible:  Patching certain 480i-only games to run in 480p!  We discussed the discovery, as well as Dreamcast video output formats, resolutions, filters and how all might be able to be manipulated for our setups.  This is an audio-only interview, however I have it on YouTube above for anyone who prefers – Everyone else can find it on all podcast services, by searching for “RetroRGB TapamN”:

Forum Thread:
List of 480p Patchable DC Games:

This was an awesome conversation and I hope other dev’s apply what was learned to other Dreamcast games!  I’d love to see an open source database put together, that would allow ODE’s to toggle 240 / 480p support, as well as de-dithering, anti-aliasing…basically, having a GUI interface to toggle these options would be amazing!

…and please don’t discount the “240p” conversation!  There’s many people out there who own an amazing 15KHz-only CRT that would love to play some of these games in progressive scan.  I’m really excited to see what comes next for Dreamcast fans!

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