Weekly Roundup #195

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00:19  Cave’s Dodonpachi Saidaioujou coming to exA-Arcadia:

01:26  MVG PS1 Graphics Wobble:

03.42  Fenrir Saturn ODE Price and Release Date:

06:29  CPSHDMI Firmware Resolution Update:

11:42  RetroTINK Ultimate RPi Hat Pre-Orders:

14:23  N64 Viewpoint 2064 Prototype Released:

15:20  Analogue Game Gear adapter replacements:

17:20  Trophy NES Review:

18:39  Nomad LCDDRV vs RGBDRV:

22:05  Analogue 8 Trademark:

24:03  VGA to SCART Connector Adapter:

29:11  Traffic Safety SMS:

31:01  Hidden Games on the PCE Mini:

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