Fenrir Sega Saturn ODE Release Date and Pricing Announced

EDIT 04/02:  It looks like the price has gone up since it’s original announcement from $96 to $123.81.

8BitMods will be selling a batch of 50 Fenrir Sega Saturn Optical Drive Emulators (ODE) between March 28th-April 4th, followed by a run of 500 more once things settle down. An ODE is a flash cart for disc based systems that boots games from an SD card.

They also posted a video of the installation, which took less than a minute, and simply requires removing the CD-ROM and snapping Fenrir in its place.

I recently wrote-up the latest updates to Fenrir here, and more have materialized since. The most important update adds BIN/CUE support, which brings native support to a full Redump set, which is widely considered to be the most accurate Sega Saturn image collection. That is in addition to its IMG/CCD and BIN/ISO support. These three standards represent the bulk of decent Saturn disc image dumps from the last 15 years or so.


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