VGA to SCART Sync Combiner

Mike Chi, creator of the RetroTINK line of products has just uploaded a free design that’s an RGBHV to RGBs sync combiner.  This is NOT a 480p VGA to SCART downscaler, just a connector and sync converter!!!  Please allow me to explain…

The purpose of this board, is twofold:

  1. To simply change a connector from dsub to SCART and pass through RGBs (and audio)
  2. Combine RGBHV to RGBs when necessary

This does NOT change or scale the resolution at all, just the sync, however it could used for a wide variety of things.  Some examples would be a simple way to interface the MiSTer’s video output connector and audio to SCART.  Another would be using something like a Dreamcast’s VGA signal with 480p-compatible SCART equipment.

Lastly and my favorite use:  Anyone converting HDMI “super resolution” 240p from HDMI to VGA can now use this device to connect directly to a SCART setup.  Things like a Raspberry Pi or people with a CPSHDMI kit can set the output to 240p and use this with a cheap DAC to get the signal onto their RGB monitor!

Mike’s also working on a version that will convert the signal to S-Video and composite as well as RGB, specifically for the purpose of people wanting those signals from a MiSTer….although any of the above (or other) scenarios should apply as well.

The project is still a concept and currently untested, but I’ll definitely put it through it’s paces when it arrives.  My only criticism so far is I feel a SCART plug, rather than a SCART receptacle would have been a better choice, however I think that’s a result of availability;  I don’t think any surface-mount SCART plugs are available anywhere.

Here’s the link to the shared project:


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