Ray Commend

Analogue to release “Hardcore” game for the Mega SG Genesis Clone

It’s time to get Hardcore with your Sega Genesis… (Couldn’t resist!) All kidding aside, Analogue announced that their upcoming FPGA clone of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive will be bundled with Hardcore, a 99% finished game that was canceled 23 years ago. The game was canceled in 1994 due to developer Psygnosis losing faith in 16-bit game […]


SuperNT Firmware Update

Analogue has just released firmware version 4.7 for the SuperNT that fixes a bug with Super Game Boy.  No further details on the issue were given.  Also, there’s no v4.7 jailbreak firmware available, so if you were enjoying basic cart support from your SuperNT, it’s best to hold off:  https://support.analogue.co/hc/en-us/articles/360000557452-Super-Nt-Firmware-Update-v4-6 As a side note, while I […]