Mega Sg Jailbreak v7.5 Released

I just posted the Analogue Mega Sg Jailbreak firmware v7.5 on Github. This release brings all of the fixes from official firmware v4.5, plus:

  • CD BIOS replacement works now after a reboot
  • Coleco Gradius mapper + flash memory supported. Use extension .CF0 for this game.
  • Coleco Jungle Hunt / Learning with Leeper had stuttering scrolling. This is fixed.
  • Coleco Risky Rick console detection fixed. Note: there are two versions of the game. A full version and a demo version. If the game does not let you progress to level 2, it is the demo version.
  • Fixed Super Game Module AY-3-8910 write delay. This fixes the pitch of speech on Wizard of Wor.
  • Megaman Wily Wars not saving EEPROM data. This is fixed.


UPDATE:  FirebrandX has just tweaked his recommended settings based on this new firmware: