Punch Out NES to SNES Port

Developer Infidelity has just publicly released his NES to SNES conversion for Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.  As with his previous MetroidDuckTailsZelda, Mega Man, Mega Man II and Mega Man IV releases, these eliminate slowdown, reduce sprite flicker and allow for SNES-related enhancements that aren’t possible on NES hardware.  This is a public release, however please consider supporting on Patreon, to fund further conversions!  More info after the links:

Support Here:

First, if you’d like more details as to why these NES -> SNES ports are such a big deal, I already covered this in a previous post and discussed it during Weekly Roundup #361 at the 12min mark:  I didn’t want to repeat everything here, so I thought it was just best to link to the other explanation.

Next, this is the first of Infidelity’s conversions I haven’t streamed to test.  My apologies:  I’m terrible at the game and intended to stream with someone who’s regularly beaten it.  There’s just not enough hours in the day ;/  UPDATE:  I was able to stream it with Ron the Handlebar Gamer, someone who actually understands the game and was able to play both the NES and SNES conversions.  Check it out below if you’re interested!

And lastly, the HUD has been moved to the bottom, with some black area above the crowd;  This is because that black area is where Infidelity has fblank happening, transfer tiles to vram.  The port was basically done as personal challenge, to see if he could port the MMC2 mapper title to the SNES. After this, he plans on moving onto the Konami VRC2 mapper and see if it’s possible.

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