Metroid SNES Port Complete

Developer Infidelity has just publicly released his NES to SNES conversion for the iconic game Metroid.  As with his previous DuckTailsZeldaMega Man II and Mega Man IV releases, these eliminate slowdown, reduce sprite flicker and allow for SNES-related enhancements that aren’t possible on NES hardware.  More info after the link and a livestream of me playing it can be found above.

Support Here:
Download (when released to the public):

By itself, simply porting Metroid to the SNES had some awesome advantages…but Infidelity also added a ton of amazing features that even a casual Metroid fan needs to see – A map.  An item select screen.  And four amazing soundtracks.  This is an absolute MUST-PLAY and the only way I’ll ever play the original Metroid from now on.

If you’d like more details as to why these NES -> SNES ports are such a big deal, I already covered this in a previous post and discussed it during Weekly Roundup #361 at the 12min mark:

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