Step Inside Cassette Release

MsMadLemon is now selling a cassette version of her latest album ‘Step Inside’.  The price came to just about $20 (including shipping to the NYC area) and it also includes a digital copy as well.  More info on the cassette release can be found in the video above, with more info below:

Purchase Here:
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YouTube Channel:

I’m very excited to listen to Step Inside on a cassette, as I’ve experimented with this before:  I used an MD Fourier-approved audio card to transfer my favorite of her albums (Zaman) to a cassette, then played that back through an amp with a pure analog mode (no digital processing).  The results were really interesting, as the tape noise changed the sounds of some of the virtual instruments.  I’m not sure I’d say one way was better than another, but I’m really happy I ran the experiment…and can’t wait to hear how Step Inside sounds via a transfer made directly from the original artist!

If you’d like to here more directly from MsMadLemon, check out on interview we did.  You can view it here as a video, or just search any podcast service for “RetroRGB MsMadLemon”:


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