MiSTer FPGA News – Sega Saturn, N64, TapTo, MiSTerCade & More


Jimmy Stones created a test core for MiSTerCade owners. This is a useful tool that allows MiSTerCade users you to test audio, video and controllers in their arcade cabinets.



A new version of TapTo is now available for the MiSTerFPGA. This latest release has support for Amiga vision launching and it also significantly improves AO486 and Neo Geo support. There are also several implemented fixes to non working systems. Check out the entire release notes for the complete details.

Bedroom Ninja also developed a new version of the tapto NFC 5141 case, which is modeled after a floppy drive. This version of the case supports ACR 122U PCBs.



If you are an iOS user and prefer to use native apps over web apps, you will be happy to know that wizzo’s remote app has been approved by the iOS app store. It’s been available on the Android Play store for a long time, but now, iPhone users can use a native version of the application.


Nintendo 64 Core Development Ends

Robert Peip, the developer of the Nintendo 64 core, has unfortunately told us that development for the Nintendo 64 core has ended. The reason for this is due to some latency issues found while working on getting the cartridge interface timings correct. These latency issues are preventing further development.

Fortunately, less than 5% of the N64 library will be affected by these issues, but that means games like Jet Force Gemini and Conkers Bad Furr Day will remain unplayable.

An official release of the core is planned after Robert takes a break from development.


Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn core was updated with the following changes:

More accurate VRAM access

Fixed some hangs on reset

Tomb Raider
Master volume calculation was fixed

Accuracy improvements

Improvments to the SMPC IO chip.

Changes made for acceleration
reorganized to reduce LE usage. This should free up some FPGA resources.

Core clock was reset and memory was reorganized.
There was a fix for DUAL SDRAM systems.