MiSTer FPGA News – Splatterhouse, N64, NFC Updates & More

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 core has recieved a lot of updates which include:

Dual texturing.
Flash & controlle rpak saving.
Fixing rendering issues.
Crash fixes.
Added dithering.
Added Gamma correction.
Bilinear scaling added.



Theypsilon has updated the MiSTerFPGA downloader to version 1.8. The notable features of this release are:

Checking for free space and get notified if there isn’t enough.
5-50% speed boost, depending on network connection.
Back & restor of some system files during Linux updates.
And more.


Sega Saturn

srg320 gaves us some new updates regarding the Saturn core.

There were fixes to the SH2 processor that affected Assault Rigs.
There were also fixes to VDP2 that affected Death Crimson, Sega Rally, thunder Force V and True Pinball.
VDP1 fixes that fixed time for interlace settings.
SCSP fixes that helped with Code R
SCU fixed that helped wiith Bug.
The SDRAM1 controller was reworked and there was a fix for BIOS loading.


Jotego Updates

Jotego has done some maintenance updates to OutRun and Super Hang-On.

He also fixed a CPU bug in the Neo Geo Pocket core, but it’s still not ready for release.
Work on the Namco System 1 hard has started. This is the arcade hardware that runs Splatterhouse, Pacmania and more.


Ninja Kazan

Atrac17 announced the beta release for Ninja Kazan which is part of the Jaleco Mega System 1 core.
This is a platformer hack and slash game that was released in 1988. You can download the core by enabling CoinOp collection in the update all script.


NFC Script

Wizzo’s NFC script is going to add the ability to write NFC tags straight from the MiSTer, thanks to work from sigboe. Also the Nuked-MD Megadrive core is now support, Mifare card support was also added among other updates.


Captain America & the Avengers

Atrac17 announced that thanks to work stemming from Caveman Ninja and RoboCop2, the arcade game Captain America & the Avengers will also be coming to FPGA platforms.


Rotary Stick



NFC Multiple commands

Wizzo’s NFC script also added support for multiple commands per card, makng HTTP requests, pressing keyboard keys and inserting player 1 & 2 coins. On the post you can see a demonstration of an NFC card inserting coins for you in game.


Ultimate SNAC Multi 6

Ultimate MiSTer is soon releasing it’s Ultimate SNAC Multi6 adapter for the MiSTerFPGA. This adapter allows you to use orginal controllers for the SNES, NES, Sega 8 & 16bit systems and the Sega Saturn.

For SNES and NES there are 2 ports for 2 player gaming, but the Sega consoles there is only 1 port.
You can head over to the product page to sign up to be alerted when the adapter will be available.


MiSTer Multisystem

You will soon be able to buy a MiSTer Multisystem from You will be able to customize your order by purchasing just the board or order a complete systems with DE10 Nano included.