My Life in Gaming’s Favorite Accessories in 2023

Hey everyone, Coury from My Life in Gaming here. A few days ago we released a video which compiled a lot of the video game accessories that we use in our day to day, uh, life… in, um, gaming. Try and I cover different controllers, wireless controller receivers, save data backups, cables, HDMI splitters, data storage options, systems skins and just a bunch more. To an extent, this could be considered a “greatest hits” of stuff we’ve covered over the last decade of the channel, but there’s a whole slew of new discoveries, too.

Below, I’ve put together a list of affiliate and non-affiliate links to most of the items present in this video, although their availability can change.

Memcard Pro PS1:

Memcard Pro GC:

Save the Hero Builders:

Rocker Gaming Logo Jewels:

GrafxGear Controller Overlays:

Retro Game Restore PC-Engine Shell:

dbrand Steamdeck Skin:

Switch Lite Thumbstick Covers:

Skull & Co. Joy-Con Thumbstick Covers:

RetroFlag Handheld Controller for Switch:

RetroFlag Famicom Style Joy-Con Dock:

Satisfye ZenGrip Pro:

Flip Grip:

roTATE Switch Screen Mount:

Sega Nomad Lithium Battery Pack:

Samsung 870 QVO SSD:

Sabrent SATA to USB adapter:

Western Digital Black SN850X:

SABRENT M.2 NVMe PS5 heatsink:

StrikerDC Next-Gen Sega Dreamcast Controller:

Brawler64 WIRELESS N64 Controller:

Nintendo Joy-Con AA Battery Pack:

Playstation DualSense Charging Station:

Krikzz Joyzz Genesis / Mega Drive Controller:

8Bitdo M30 Bluetooth Controller:

8Bitdo NEOGEO Wireless Controller:

8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter 2:

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro:

8BitDo Pro 2:

8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller:

N64 BlueRetro Receiver with Memory Pak:

Neo Geo BT BlueRetro Adapter:

3DO BT BlueRetro Adapter:

Saturn BT BlueRetro Adapter:

USB-2-PCE Wireless Adapter:

SNES-2-3DO Wireless Adapter:


Brook Wingman XB 2:

Brook Wingman PS2:

Brook Wingman SD:

RETROFLAG Superpack:

avedio links HDMI Splitter:


Time Sleuth Display Lag Tester: