Fenrir Sega Saturn ODE Updates

Ced is shipping the first batch of Fenrir PCBs, which will fund the next run of 50 units. Fenrir is a new Sega Saturn ODE that launches disc images from an SD card just like a flash cart. While progress on the Satiator ODE has been almost unbearably slow, Fenrir has gone from concept to a shipping product in just over a year.

Fenrir also now has a website with easy installation instructions and a downloadable firmware, which is flashed via the SD card.

It supports CCD/IMG and CUE/ISO disc images, which should cover every Saturn title, although 100% support will obviously need to be tweaked through time as users will inevitably discover bugs.

Ced mentioned a price of about 80 Euros [$89 USD], which is $45 cheaper than the competing Rhea/Phoebe. Disc image support appears to be better with Fenrir, and users can probably expect more active development. It’s hard to imagine that anything could be less active at least. Rhea/Phoebe updates are almost unheard of, and setup is unnecessarily difficult and convoluted. I actually sold my own Rhea out of disappointment and decided to wait for better options. Fenrir is shaping up to be that option so far, for me at least.

Currently only 20 Pin (AKA Model 1) Saturns are supported, but that is likely to change with time.

Update:  Purchase Link: