SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

Hacking & Reverse Engineering Sega Saturn Games

On the latest episode of SHIRO! Editor’s Corner, we’re joined by a round table of Saturn Community Game Hackers, including TrekkiesUnite118, Derek Pascarella (ATEAM), Malenko & Bo Bayles! In this episode, we dive into the topic of hacking, patching and even reverse engineering Sega Saturn games. YouTube: PodBean Audio:


How to Reprogram Tetris By Playing It – Behind the Code Leveled Up

In a previous episode of Behind the Code, we talked about how the scoring logic of Tetris can crash the game at high levels. Now what is even more interesting is that you can hook up extra controllers to the expansion port on a Famicom and use them to redirect code execution to the A-Type […]

Danthrax (Sega Saturn SHIRO!)

Four-Player Mode Found Hidden in High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge

High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge, an early Saturn exclusive that shipped with a two-player mode, could have let even more people in on the fun if developer Cave enabled a four-player option that was hidden in the code until now. The four-player mode was unearthed by — who else? — Bo Bayles, who’s been probing […]


SNESLab: Unified SNES ROM Hacking Community

Vitor Vilela–the Brazilian Super Nintendo SA-1 expert, long-time romhacker, and former SMWCentral Moderator–has started a new community dedicated to SNES ROM hacking called SNESLab. will be a fully-featured site and forums, and SNESLab’s Discord is now open to the public at The purpose of this place is joining together people that are have […]