The Making Of The Game Boy

Yahel from Wrestling With Gaming has just released another excellent documentary, this time about the creation of the iconic Nintendo Game Boy.  This documentary covers it’s roots in the Game & Watch, but also how it was almost cancelled, how a bad relationship with a screen manufacturer may have lead to the creation of competition and who the true creator actually was.  This is a must-watch for all fans of the Game Boy, or even just anyone interested in a pretty influential piece of history.

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While the documentary itself was awesome, one thing really stood out to me:  Yahel used a lot of quotes from The History Of Nintendo Vol. 4, by Florent Gorges…and rather than just site it as a source, he added a full “ad” for the book and it’s upcoming English translation.  We live in a time where many people make a really good living plagiarizing other people’s work, with little-to-no credit given to the original sources (this still happens to me regularly).  To not only site his sources, but do a free ad for the main source of Japanese quotes proves Yahel carries an integrity only a fan of the Philips CDi could obtain.

If you’d like to hear more from Yahel, we’d done a few podcasts together.  You can listen to them on any podcast service, simply by searching for “RetroRGB Wrestling”, or watching the videos below:

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