Tempest 3000 Nuon Licensed Reissue

Songbird Productions have just opened pre-orders on an official re-pressing of Tempest 3000 for the Nuon.  This is a complete-in-box reissue, fully licensed from Atari and is functionally identical to the original.  This disc itself is a genuine, mass-produced, professionally glass-mastered DVD, that includes full-color offset printing, a 16-page full-color manual, full-color outer wrap, and a shrink-wrapped black Amaray DVD case.  Basically, like previous Songbird Productions releases, this is NOT a “cheap repro”, but something that will look and feel official.  The price is $80 and they should ship in May:

Purchase Here:

If you’d like to see the Nuon in action, I recently did a stream with Kevin from Nuon-Dome, as well as creator Robert Dale Smith.  Sadly, I wasn’t on the right adapter firmware to properly demo Tempest, but you’ll at least get to see the game and hear the music:

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