Super Game Boy Border Converter & Injector

Developer Marc Robledo has just released two tools for fans of the Super Game Boy:  One that allows you to create a custom SGB border when using the .sgb file in emulation (and MiSTer!) and another that allows you to inject a custom border into individual Game Boy roms.  The ROM injector should work on original hardware using ROM Carts, or manually flashing a ROM to an individual cartridge.  More info after the links:

Border Converter:
Border Injector:
Super Game Boy Info:

Of course, because I’m friends with people like FirebrandX, my first thought when seeing this was:  “Cool, now someone can modify the original .sgb border to look right when used in the proper aspect ratio on MiSTer” ;p  And while that’s actually a really cool use for this, I think more people might be interested in the game-specific border – Any romhacker can now easily give their game a bit more “polish” and homebrew game dev’s might have an easier time adding this customization.

UPDATE:  @TheDanaAddams confirmed that the injected border and palette data works on real hardware, but with a small bug: If while injecting the border you neglect to enable and include the “custom palette”, the game area of the screen will not be visible when you load the ROM on original hardware.  This doesn’t seem to affect emulators, but for original hardware through a flashcart, be warned that you must include the custom palette for things to work as expected.

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