Sony using Open-Source PCSX Emulator in PlayStation Classic Mini

Sony is using the open-source software based emulator PCSX in their upcoming PlayStation Classic Mini console. This is a major disappointment to those of use who wanted to see at least the PS2/PSP/PS3/Vita/PSTV lineage emulator used–but it is not unexpected. This makes the Classic a very weak emulator, even compared to an old phone running […]


Superman 64 PS1 Prototype Found

A PlayStation prototype of the game ‘The New Adventures Of Superman’ (commonly know as Superman 64) was just found: Game-rave has a few playthrough videos on their channel, as well as a “review” video.  Is it possible that the game is even worse than the N64 version? UPDATE:  Game-rave has just confirmed that the person who […]


Sony Announces PlayStation “Classic” Console

Sony  just announced the “PlayStation Classic” emulation console, that looks just like the original, but 45% smaller.  Gee, I wonder where they got that idea from.  And the inspiration for the name?  Hmm…they must still be sore about getting stiffed over the CDi… The console will be releasing December 3rd for $100 and will come […]